How do I get my boyfriend from working so much?

My boyfriend has been working up to 88 hours a week trying to get this promotion. He's pretty close to getting it however now his constant time at work is now putting a dent into our relationship. I haven't really talked or seen him in over a week now cause he's been so busy. I'm proud of him for his work ethic but I just want to spend time with him. And I know he's at work cause when I do call him I hear his work place. So I don't know, I'm about to pick up another job so I can keep busy while he is working cause I'm tired of sitting around on my off time
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I guess I worded this wrong, I do hang out with friends and I do work myself. I understand he's making money but I guess my thing is. Money isn't everything? I've been hanging out with our mutual friends without him cause he's been working so much. Last year he had a similar episode and worked a lot and took it out on me. He got that promotion and is now working on a new one. I'm not saying I need to be near him every day but seeing him or at least getting a call from him would be nice.
How do I get my boyfriend from working so much?
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