Crushing on two different guys, which one to choose?

I like two guys, although In very different ways.
one is a friend from church. He is extremely kind and generous! He always takes care of me and huggs me everytime we meet.
He also shares my beliefs and is a very stable guy. We talk and discuss our Christian faith a lot, and generalløytnant personal things. My sister tells me I should go for him, however I don't know If he would like me as more than a friend.
the other guy I know from school. He is also extremely kind and thoughtful.
we share the same interest for art (since we both study art), music and the beauty of nature.
although he seems to try to make me jealous and is kind of insdcure.
we do not share the same beliefts, but he is a spiritual person and open to Christianity. We talk a lot about spirituality common interests etc and we are both very open. I am pretty sure that this guy likes me though. My sister tells me that I shouldn't go for this second guy, because he seems instable though.
but I don't know what to do! I like them both so much! And each has a quality that the other lack
Crushing on two different guys, which one to choose?
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