Am I doing something terrible?

When I date, it's usually 2-4 guys at a time because that's just how it works out. there's one guy that I progressed the most, but sometimes I'm unsure if he likes me. We've already slept together, gone to dinner, and always let's me know that I can crash at his place anytime. Is extremely affectionate. But I feel like if I text him too much, I'll come off clingy. And I want it to progress naturally. So in order to curb my texting desires, I end up texting the other guys that are interested in me.
We have not talked about exclusivity, nor do I plan on bringing it up either. It'll either happen or not. But I felt particularly bad the other day when we were watching tv, and he fell asleep on top of me and I got a text from another guy asking me on a date. I felt like I was almost cheating even thou I'm not, because I wouldn't do anything of the sort if we were exclusive. I didn't even feel that bad when I slept with my friend and went on a date with another person literally 10mins later b/c the restaurant was down the street.
Am I doing something terrible?
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