Having a hard time liking girls nowadays, is patience really the answer?

Hi, I screwed my mental philosophy of love hard, I am having a hard time liking girls now of days. When I was in my teens and early 20s I was just so excited to meet a decent very nice girl. I was such a shy boy and a really too much of a kiss ass, anyways the girls would take advantage of it too but I would continue to just please because I was too much into admiring their butt and breast and facial features that were it. Eventually, after draining myself to death from being taken advantage of I let go of them only to be treated like a bad person at the end. I was so devested for what happened to me and swore to never happen again, so I mentally turned off myself for just liking girls for their looks.

I tried to open my horizons a little or giving girls I wouldn't want to give a chance.. a chance, and I tried liking girls for their personalities. However, 90% of girls don't really want to show their true selves or personalities to me, all I got to do is be nice a little and ask questions about what they do and such, they pretty much give me this poor lame response of themselves & expect me to flirt or go quickly for sex with them based on their looks, but I mentally shut myself off just for looks. So I end up being their journal of their negative poor baggage while they find a new mate and then socially dump me into the abyss. 10% when they do show their personalities, they are usually nuts and very manipulative, I kept meeting ones that just like to show political, Sjw, super nazi Feminism, or some other crazy philosophies & just wanting to dominate me, I am like YO! I got to GO!

When I forget girls and focus on myself, I love myself I can do a lot of fun positive stuff and such, something I like to do with a girl that I can admire their beauty and love who they are without me mentally forcing myself to and some have normal days at least. However, it seems like what I attract or when I try to meet a new girl. My positivity and such just goes down.


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  • Yes, patience is a virtue. Specially when it comes to girls. Girls are too hard to read/ predict and understand sometimes. Besides you can't really force yourself to like someone. Since liking someone must be felt. But from what i read, the problem is you are getting hold of yourself. And girls don't easily trust everybody. For them to show who they are, you need to get her trust or at least make her comfortable with you. And don't jump into conclusions that this girls is this and that girl is that. And don't give up trying.

    • I get that, the comfortable part though, It seems like girls like to make everything uncomfortable. They just want to flip the tables and just be so stubborn at times like they just do stuff that is very unreasonable. At first they have a very nice entrance or appearance, giving a very poilteful greeting and such but they don't keep that up, they just want it to turn into chaos. Also, I don't want to please or be there for a girl to get her to trust me or like me, its a turn off for me and it doesn't bring any improvement to my life. If they have problems around me I just rather ditch them behind like I always get ditched behind for who I am. I like to have someone with a cool personality and beauty to like me for who I am spontaneously and want to see me grow. I like them, they like me no BS involved and we just go, you know what I mean?

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    • I am myself silly, they aren't themselves. Listen okay, I come off as just this polite curious guy okay. When I try to talk to a girl they just want to make everything BS, I can say what I want to them only to get a lame poor response. It's hella boring. I use to keep trying and trying and trying to get to know the girl more and be myself but she kept bsing and shit which only made me look like a bad guy. If girls want to be an idiotic fucktard from the first, second, third or fourth approach then ill let them be. It's over, I don't like them anymore, its a waste of time and draining as hell. I am myself, they refuse to be themselves or express themselves and it's annoying. After, they see that I don't want to talk to them no more, they get even more pissed. It's annoying. It's all annoying. It's stupid, idiotic, a waste of positivity of my life.

    • Ohhkkaaayyy. Don't be too pissed off on me. Anyway if that's the case. Then you and that girls are not compatible but at least you've tried. Maybe you just need to wait for the time where you can like a girl based on your standards

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