Would I be able to get him again?

A couple months back me and this guy were 'seeing each other' and we ended. About 2 weeks after we ended one of his 'close friends' messaged me. He didn't know that I even was dating his friend as far as he knew. We were just having a casual convo and then things escalated and he started saying I'm not like other girls and I'm really lovely and attractive and he wants to get to know me.

It was 2 weeks after me and his friends ended so I told him that it was too soon after that, although I wanted too I still had feelings for his friend which I thought was wrong. Even though I said this he refused to give up he kept messaging me everyday saying how he is willing to wait for me and how he really wants me and that I'm so attractive. He messaged me everyday for a month non-stop and was saying how he's really upset because me and him would have made a good couple. If I ignored him he would message me again especially if I posted something he would always comment 'beautiful' and stuff and said to me how he doesn't care I'm his close friends ex cause he really wants me he will do anything.

I finally said to him that I really want him too because I do, the only thing that was stopping me was the fact I had feelings still for his friend... and the fact he was my close friends ex. ( me and her are no longer friends ) I told him and said haven't you gave up yet and he said he isn't gonna give up. He didn't until I told him too fully stop. Anyways after this I did move on ( not purposely ) and got a new guy but we broke up now and I really want this guy again. Do you think I could get him back too me again? It's a few months later and I'm ready now. Please help I don't wanna look like a fool by making the wrong move, thanks x


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  • Well to be honest.. You aren't the one for that guy cause you don't know what you want.. first you told him it was too soon and you dated another guy? he deserves a nice trust fully girl..


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