girlfriend had a Miscarriage at 11 weeks and it's my felt how should I comfort her?

Pretty much i had her take a something that was supposed to help her feel less sick which i was told by our doctor it should be perfectly fine. My girlfriend hates talking pills but took it since she was in a lot of pain yday night... This morning she lost our baby at 11 weeks. We find out from another doctor the pill she took is what caused the miscarriage and the other doctor fucked up. I blame myself for what happened my girlfriend just wants to work and off, she been saying for awhile now she had a gut feeling she was gonna have a miscarriage anyway so she's ok. But i can tell she mad and upset since we lost twins not even a year ago Because of her parent's but that's another story.


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  • It's not your fault so don't blame yourself for it. But the main advice I give is don't make it about you or the doctors or trying to place a blame somewhere. Just be there for her and be there for yourself, try make her happy and feel special and be there for her if she feels down or not good enough and help each other move on.

    Don't keep bringing it up or apologising just try to accept it and hold each other up.

    Also I'm very sorry for what happened 💕

    • Thank you i just been trying to give her space and not say anything dumb so i barly talk. This is the 2nd time we lost a kid so i known she broken now since she never really wanted a kid till it happened.

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    • My girlfriend parents are a nono they are the reason that we lost our twins and why my girlfriend moved out. My mom is a hell no and will only cause grief. The only people we can tell is a few close people and my dad since i known he's not a ass hole.

    • Then that's fine. You're not obligated to tell others, in this situation you do what's best for you. But also don't tell your girlfriend who she can and can't tell, she might be the same as you anyways but you don't want her to feel isolated at the moment.

      Tell your dad if you want, it's totally up to you.

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  • It's not your fault. Also, you could probably sue the everliving shit out of that doctor for medical malpractice.

    • I still blame myself but my girlfriend says she just wants to let it go. So i don't wanna put her through anymore pain

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