Why he hasn't text after first date?

So I had a date with this guy, I'm 20 yo and he's 27.
my first thought when he asked me out was that he wanted sex, cuz is not very usual someone of his age ask a girl of mine so I accepted cuz I wanted to have fun.
So I was thinking we were going to a bar for some drinks and then going to his apartment... but no. And since the beginning everything started to confuse me.
Well, he wanted to see me at 3:00 pm which is kinda early for me.
We went to a very very fancy and nice restaurant, we had an amazing conversation, we didn't order any alcohol, he told me lots of personal and intimate facts of his life, he smiled at me all the time , he always made eye contact. He told me he didn't wanted to leave cuz he was having such a good time.
We were on that place like 2 hrs and a half then we took a walk and held hands for a bit and that made me feel those stupids emotions. Along the day he throw me some cute compliments about how strong, honest, trustable and powerful women I was.

After so, I was almost sure we were going to have at least a second date, but he never actually suggest anything, we talked about our favorite restaurants and he never said like "we should go" he just told me at the very end "we will see when can we repeat it, we keep in touch".

the next day I was the first of us to send a message then we said two or three dumb things and he stopped answering until night he said "hope you have a goodnight, take a rest" I said you too and that was it.

The date was at Saturday, the last message at Sunday and today is Wednesday midday and he still haven't sent anything.

WHY HE hasn't SENT ANYTHING? It that normal? Do I still have the chance to a 2nd date?
i was thinking on being me the one that asks for another date but I don't wanna sound needy and actually I'm not looking for a serious relationship, I just had a good time and I would love to repeat it.

EXCUSE MY English.


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  • Tell him that. You arnt looking to be in a serious relationship but you really had fun and want to do it again

  • Sounds like a lame dude


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  • Sounds like he either wasn't too interested or met someone else, sorry


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