If a girl blushes or her face gets red, is it a sign that she likes you? Or what does it mean?

There's this girl i like. She's a cashier at the food mart, i go to her almost everyday and buy things i don't need but just to talk to her. Somehow she came to know that i like her. How do i know if she likes me?


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  • It's a good sign, but you won't know unless you ask her. If you want to make it a big thing, buy a bouquet of roses and after you pay, hand them to her and ask her out. That'd be cute as all get out.

    • I'm actually thinking that'd be a really great idea. I should do that.

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  • Ask her if she wants to go get coffee sometime. Simple stuff like that could work wonders

    • Actually her manager always keeps looking at what she's talking to her customers. I don't like that. :/

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    • Alright. I'll give it a shot.
      Thanks mate.

    • Always here to try and help

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  • She's nervous. You're doing something that is making her nervous.

  • just ask her


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