Had a date with girl, went really well, called back a few days for second date, and she texted back saying she's free Friday but no response. Confirm?

I went on a date with a girl that went really well. Ended up back at her place (you can imagine what happened). I called her a few days later to see when she was free. She texted me back, I'm assuming she was at work, to tell me she was free Friday. I texted her saying "Friday works for me, I'll pick you up at 7." she never responded to confirm. I'm just wondering if I should text her to confirm, but I feel I put the ball in her court and don't want to come off needy. Should I text her to confirm or not?


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  • Either text her to confirm or call her on Friday before you leave to pick her up. If she doesn't respond then you don't waste fuel.

    • I'm not going to confirm right before the date. I'd rather make other plans before I get to that point. I guess based on that I'll confirm today

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