Why am I so doubtful about his intentions/feelings?

I recently know this guy from tinder and has went out on about 3 dates now.

- He has been sweet, like tying my shoelaces for me
- hold me whenever it’s wet and slippery
- talked about our past sexual experiences and he mentioned that he thinks he has a high sexual drive
- i had a pretty bad relationship so I said I wouldn’t be very comfortable in having sex & he said he respects my decision
- he said that he’s looking for a Long term relationship like someone he can settle down with
- he can be really flirtatious at times and he has tons of girls who tried to hit him up
- he said that I’m the only one he’s seeing
- he would always wanna hold my hands or kiss me when we go out
- he told his friends about me

honestly I have no idea whether he did these because he really likes me or he wants to get into my pants. I am very skeptical about this whole thing because I’ve been played by a guy that I dated before him who has been even nicer to me than him.

im sorry this is so long but can anyone tell me if he really likes me or?


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  • if he is doing all these to get in your pants he is doing a really good job , you should trust this guy


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