Is tinder a hookup site for the rich and beautiful only or what?

Curious cause I've liked a solid 150 people and not one like back on tinder.
I'm 6'3 Not on drugs, starting a new job soon, i think I'm a solid 7/10 the only issue is all my photos get cropped so they may think I'm obese or a f-boy that's all i can think of. I even like people i wouldn't want to date or have sex with to see if i could get a match haha
Back when i was well know to be rich i would get friend requests and matches like crazy, back when i had abs i flaunted that was the case also, i realize most people really are quite vain. Time to get abs again a guys gotta get some somehow haha
I'm also in a small town currently and it shows me mostly people like 2 hours away, glad I'm moving to a city soon maybe ill have more luck


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  • Well I don't think so, as I don't consider myself to be 10/10 or anything nor do I flaunt my money on my profile, but I've still gotten plenty of matches. Granted it's nowhere near the amount of matches that a friend of mine has, who has always been popular with the ladies, but considering that I'm usually on Tinder something like 1-2 hours once or twice a week and every week I get about 5-6 new matches on average, I wouldn't consider that a bad haul.

    • Jealous years ago i was like that too but i been on there a week and had 1 match and when i went to look they had unmatched 3 hours later haha just teasing me. I don't know if my profile is boring or they just picky little shits lol

    • Well women do tend to be more picky, I would imagine double so for apps like Tinder.

  • Yeah it's only for the rich and beautiful


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