Going on a date with a nerd/geek?

Hi all! I am going on a date with a guy who's 100% rational. He's all about work, studying, science, math, programming, etc. He likes video games, anime, cultural events, theaters, travelling, sport and healthy food. He's introvert and all about brains. And I really like him!
I am little bit different, tho. I'd say I'm 50% emotional and 50% rational. I'm not much of a "play it safe" type, I like taking risks, socializing, and being crazy from time to time. I'm into art and magic! But I also like math and programming (I work as a developer). And for some reason, he likes me too! haha
Anyways, I've never dated guys like this. How is it? Like, what ticks their check-boxes? I'm a bit of a flirty nature, so I wonder if it's okay to flirt with him and tease him a little bit on a date? Or maybe he would like it more if I was serious? I want to make a good first impression on him.
Going on a date with a nerd/geek?
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