Girls, Am I really “that ugly” or “that good looking”?

The reason I bring this up is because I have been single for quite some time. I am 25 year old male. And I am very picky with who I choose to ACTUALLY go on dates with. I look for the very clean, well presented girl (who is “hot”/gorgeous) and obviously want them to be intelligent and goofy/fun/funny.

To get to the point, I have had MANY girls say exactly this, “you’re cute i figured you would have girls on girls on girls”, “you’re too hot for me”, and “I am sure you can get any giril you want.” So with this being said, I also am at the gym, I care about my health and fitness, I’m not ripped by any means but look athletic. So I tend to gravitate to those who go as well.

As well, I tend to see or “think” I see other girls look at me, not just once but more than once as I’m very observant, is this a sign of attraction or curiosity? Or both? I’m hesitant to say anything because I do not want to be that guy at the gym nor do I want the boyfriend, if any, to walk up which I think is understandable to an extent maybe? So the reason I bring this up is because I beat myself up for never saying anything and always say to myself that I will, but I do not want to come off as a goof. And I do have slight anxiety to an extent because I want the first impression to be good..

However, I have had others tell me I do come off confident as well, but if that’s the case then wouldn’t someone approach me eventually? I never have girls approach me, ever. I just want someone’s opinion/psychological analysis/opinion on this.

Are girls just saying that to get me away as a way to be nice? or am I really that “mind blowing” and they really think i can get girls on girls on girls? And are some girls just as nervous as some guys? I do not want to settle for less and that is mainly why I am single because there are girls I think are “in my league” while others it’s an obvious dream to land the catch.

I hope this makes sense.


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  • well neither, I dont think you are ugly, just you are not something what they are looking for, and looks could be intimidating too
    now for some other stuff you asked... yes, many girls get really nervous when it comes to guys - I myself can be super confident and super shy
    now you are single, cause as you said you just haven't yet found the type of girl you desire and that would like you back - nothing weird about that, life ain't easy
    I do approach guys that I like, and I am actually good looking, but chances of girls approaching you and also being pretty are not high... that is just my opinion based on women i know and observe... but it can depend on mentality and where you live
    At the gym, people can check you out, think you have nice abbs or something, mind find you attractive, might just stay on that


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