Who has it harder in the "game"?

A lot guys on this website complain about how the dating "game" is harder for them. I lost count of how many question like "why don't girls ask out guys?" show up on this site. Being nervous is understandable but interacting with girls isn't exactly rocket science. I have little experience in the "game" but it is really that much harder for us guys?


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  • Nope, not harder for us at all.

    Let's face it. Girls rarely get "approached," and when they do, it's usually by weird player guys or guys that are so nervous they can barely make a coherant sentance.

    And girls have to avoid being called sluts and prudes. Guys have to put up with being called perverts and wusses/losers so we basically deal with the same thing, but I don't think we have to deal with it to the same degree that girls do. I think it's worse for girls.

    Plus, girls are always under pressure to look better, and even if they fit a media driven sterotype of good looks then they just get told they look "fake," or that they're bitches for looking that way.

    Now obviously there are things that make dating hard for guys too, and I'm not trying to say girls actually have it harder. I'm just pointing out a few reasons why I think it's silly to say we have it harder than girls. And it's silly for girls to say they have it harder than us. It's so subjective that trying to judge it is impossible.

    • Well said. It is subjective that's why our perceptions of things make them look difficult.

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  • I don't think the problem is talking, so much as flirting. I talk to girls all the time, and I have a lot of female friends. Flirting, however, I've only done with 2 girls, ever. Between having 2 brothers and no sisters, being reclusive, being generally antisocial, and not even romantically interacting with a female until 11th grade, learning to flirt is like learning a foreign language. It can be done, but it takes a lot of practice.

  • I still think girls have it easier