Ladies, what turns you off from a guy after first meeting him?

In a lot of scenarios I flirt and talk seeming fine with women. After messaging her she seems uninterested


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  • Coming on too strong, having different opinions on crucial things like values or life goals, lack of "spark“ or connection.

    • That's possibly my problem, i do tend to come on strong. A lot of people say i have an abrasive personality untill they get to know me

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  • Maybe it's your punctuation or spelling that might make her uninterested. Also I mean from all my friends and myself we don't like when guys are all creepy and ask for nudes.

    • Lol what in my post is miss spelled incorrect?

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    • No sorry what I mean is maybe when your texting u do and i know me personally get kind of turned off from that and get uninterested. Also when abbreviations are used all the time.

    • Oh no I get what you mean
      I unfortunatly do that a LOT

  • Some people just click, some don't.

  • If he boring.


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