How do I get this guy to ask me out?

I work with a guy who is on the same floor as me. He works in a different program on another side so I only see him when in the elevators or at the printers. I've learned a while ago that guys are helpers so asking a guy simple questions and small talk can develop in to a nice little friendship.

I've been trying to chat with him more during these small times and it looks like he is trying to do the same. I'm about 90 percent sure he likes me too. I've caught him looking at me and when we do bump in to each other he prolongs eye contact and appears to want to talk more.

Any tips on making it more obvious that I like him in a office friendly setting? I'm trying to ask for his advice/assistance on a certain project dealing in his area. I thought I would see where is goes from there and continue to build a rapport. But I'm also shy and I'm struggling with being more assertive at times.
Thank you for any and all advice.
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Im not opposed to it. I'm trying to build a rapport with him so I feel confident and comfortable enough. But I'd also like him to ask as well.
How do I get this guy to ask me out?
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