Why do guys always do this too me? See this is why nice girls finish last?

So I went out with a date with a guy, he seemed really nice.. paid for my dinner, held the door opened. And made plans to go out again, he texted me quite often.. and he snapped me at first but stopped. A day or so ago he stopped texted me It would've been Monday at like 2 in the morning he didn't reply to my message. And his snapchat points keep going up. He said he really liked me, and wanted me to be his girlfriend. That's not the first time a guy has told me that then blew me off. We did make plans to go out again the 23. But I don't know, it just seem like every guy is out to get me, then hurt me in the end. I really liked him... what?


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  • The 23 of this month?

    You have your expectations and hopes way too high.

    You shouldn’t have but perhaps you are a hopeless romantic.

    You should concentrate on everything you have and concentrate on your life.

    He had a backup girl? Haha

    Actions are different from words.


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  • What? Lol
    Hahaha... it just didn't work out.. that's all
    If you notice this being a consistent situation then you are clearly choosing the wrong men
    Men giving you attention isn't the only criteria to go on... by the way
    You have to properly assess who really thinks you of as a good catch and who is just there for the sake of being there

  • That's like me lol just take it slow.. Well it also depends what you're looking for. Long term or short term. You gotta think ahead at times. Don't think for the moment.

  • It happens but right person will make you feel in heart not on skin.

  • My girls nice I’m not in general so that’s dumb

  • What indeed.


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