Why do Hispanic women have very low standards when it comes to white men?

I’ve known beautiful in shape Hispanic women who are dating and having sex with overweight broke fat White men.


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  • Maybe they are nice people. Maybe she loves to cook and he appreciates it.

  • Because the struggle is real. They are trying to survive, now more than ever that Trump is treating Hispanics like trash. They are willing to have a shitty life with a guy way below the standard so that her future kids can be born u. s citizens and won't be discriminated as they grows older and eve. have a better future as a citizen. And maybe even her she can become a citizen as well. They have to make sacrifices for a better life.
    And most Hispanic women are naturally curvy and have a great natural body so what would be normal for then may be above standard for Americans.

  • They’re not loyal.

    • Traditional Hispanic females are some of the most loyal wifes there are. Do your research.

    • I got played by one

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