How could I know if I'm coming on too strong?

So I started talking to a coworker of mine through somewhat phenomenal circumstances, I won't really get too much into that, but I ended up asking her out and it was really nice. We had lunch, sat somewhere and talked for a bit. She has a pretty busy schedule so I definitely haven't pushed her to hangout again until she's got free time. I was beginning to think that it's possible she's not interested after all, but she came out and told me that she'd want to hang out again once her classes finished so that she wouldn't be constantly moving times around or canceling on me. I guess what I'm asking is, should I have taken that as a "she said that so I won't ask her out" or a "just hang in there because I'd like to hang out again"? We definitely still talk frequently and joke around at work. I don't want to create an awkward situation for either of us if she's not interested. Nothing much has happened yet for me to not want to just back off and be friends so I'd be perfectly okay with that.


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