What does a guy mean when he says it didn’t feel right?

I went on a date with a guy I met online on while back. We had spoke on the phone and decided to meet for a casual drink.
First impressions of him were good, however he was extremely fridety. I thought things were going fine and after about 40 mins asked if he’d like another drink. He didn’t and was out of there like a shot.
He texted me on my way home saying he was sorry but he didn’t feel a connection. Fair enough!

It knocked my confidence abit as I thought it was me or how I looked etc.
I carried on dating and forgot about him.
Id seen him on the site still and hadn’t spoke.
The date was early part of this year.

Out of the blue he sends me a message asking how I was.
He eventually goes on to say he was sorry about the date and that he was so nervous and wanted me to like him that it didn’t feel right.
What the hell does that even mean and why sat this months afterwards.
I did feel like he didn’t give me a chance. Just don’t get why he’d bother again after tossing me aside...
What does a guy mean when he says it didn’t feel right?
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