What should I tell that Scorpio man?

We were talking a lot and making out all night for the first time and date asked me to be his girlfriend. I said I was going to give him an answer tomorrow. Would any guy ask a girl out officially on first date? What should I tell that Scorpio?

No sex. Just made out for 4 hours and we talked.


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  • Google the Barnum Effect before you carry on assuming that star signs have any impact on personality. Thank you!


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  • Your telling a guy that a Scorpio no sex good luck. I tell you what you do you say no I won't date you or anyone until I get married done and over

  • I wouldn't and didn't mange to lips for a few weeks into dating but if you like him all is well

    • Met him for the first time yesterday. We clicked so much intense chemistry, (he's 31) he asked me out. Could it just be possessiveness?

    • Not sure could be but that's why you do more dates before confirming boyfriend girlfriend so you can scope a person

    • We have a another date tomorrow

  • Liked u on first date itself


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