Did I mess this up?

A few months ago my ex girlfriend broke up with me. i was devastated but i had to move on. A month or so back i met another girl who is amazing and had somewhat feelings for, i told her this and she said she felt the same.

I said the L word to her which i really shouldn't have cause my ex was still on my mind sometimes. My ex then messaged me saying she still loves me and have feelings but i let it go and tried to develop feelings for the new girl.

However i couldn't, it was dragging me back. I did have feelings for this new girl but all the memories of me and my ex came back and i decided to just talk to her. She changed and wasn't the same person i fell for, i had to go.

Now the new girl says she's gonna try and hide her feelings from me and she might not trust me when i develop greater feelings for her. She said lets just talk as friends and see where it goes and i could've only seen me and the new girl needed time after talking to my ex. Did i screw up or is there still a chance i can be with this girl if i give it time?
Did I mess this up?
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