Should I forgive him for talking to his cousin?

ok I have a really serious question and please no negativity I really just need advice right now I don’t know what to do.. so I caught my boyfriend that I just had a newborn with talking dirty to his cousin on his phone.. like all I could really read without screaming or going crazy was something about it was hot she lost her virginity at 18 basically they were flirting through text.. I don’t know what else was said but she doesn’t live nowhere near us and she isn’t even attractive! And I really just feel sick to my stomach that he would do this to me and his child especially with his cousin? And when I asked him he says he just wanted an “affectionate” convo because I wasn’t giving it to him but hello I just had. A baby? Couldn’t even wait.. but still I just need advice on isn’t I should even consider giving the guy another chance.. I asked him why not some random girl why his CoUsIN? And he said she swore it would stay between them but this whole thing has me sick!! I don't know what to do.. I just want my daughter to have her father
Should I forgive him for talking to his cousin?
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