Am I being too clingy with her?

I have had my crushes' phone number for 2 weeks and a half now. We have texted her 13 days and 5 days straight now. I'm am afraid that I am turning her off because I'm texting her and asking how her day was. She ends most conversations at night and says goodnight :) We are getting together tomorrow for a bite to eat then going bowling. I just want to finally be successful in dating. I'm really new to this dating thing. Am I being too clingy?


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  • I think that depends on her. Some women like that kind of attention. Others don't. You have to try to read the clues she's sending to find out if it's too much for her.

    Once your relationship is more established, I recommend that you both take the online quiz at which will show you what things are important to you in a relationship. You can take it now so you know more about what's important to you. You might want to wait a little while before asking her to take it, though if an opportunity arises maybe you could mention that you took it and she might choose to do so herself and that would help you a lot in knowing what she wants and needs.

    If you both have high Quality Time scores then my guess is that a lot of texting and better yet time together will be good. If she has a low score for that, then you might not want to push it too much or she might find it overwhelming.

    • The way she is texting me doesn't suggest that she doesn't want to talk to me. It's just that more often than not she ends the conversation at like 10:30 pm and says she going to bed. I don't blame her for that, i've started doing it too.

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    • Not necessarily, but I'd pay attention to any clues that she might be feeling that it's too much. You probably don't want to cut back too much or she might think you're losing interest. This stuff is all tricky! Once you get in a relationship it's easier because you can ask more direct questions to find out what she's thinking. In the early stages, you kind of just have to read clues.

      From what you've said, I don't see any signs that she's feeling overwhelmed. I'd just watch for signs while you're texting that she's not really wanting to right then. That would be longer times before she responds to something you sent and shorter than normal responses. If she starts doing that, it might be a good time to back off.

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