Girls, What does maybe mean?

I know this questions has been asked a million times, but seeing as everyone's situation is a bit different, I thought I would ask you wonderful people again.

There is a girl I have gone on a couple of study dates with and we have had a great time getting to know each other as well as getting a lot of actual studying done. Both study dates were at my place, although there has not been any physical contact because she was a little sick and there did not seem to be an appropriate time to initiate any.

The Situation:
I texted her today and the conversation went somewhat like this:
Me (paraphrasing): Wishing you the best of luck on the test... We should totally get together sometime...
Her (direct quote): "Thanks I hope you have a great break too, and yeah maybe!"

Is this a soft no, an actual maybe, or a soft yes?

Any advice on how to go forward from here will be greatly appreciated!
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What Girls Said 3

  • First things first, why do you want to get together with her again? For another study session or do you actually want to hang out with her were there is no studying involved so you can actually hang out and get to know her better? What are your intentions with her?

  • Maybe is be maybe. Yes is yes and no is no. If she doesn't tell what she wants is another issue but we don't have to think aaaall the time "what she really wanted to say?" . people have to be honest

    • I agree with you, but it's also important for the the other person to be clear, why do they want to hang out again, are feelings involved then they need to make that clear as well.

    • @Excite yes both have to be clear and honest! you are right!

  • Maybe means maybe


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