How do I date Metal head girls?

Recently I have found out I only really get along with metalheads, as all my friends (guys) are metalheads. Also metal girls are hot as fuck and feisty which I love. Yet it seems that almost every girl that I see at a metal show is either with her boyfriend (or girlfriend) or in a big group (ultimate cockblocker). How can I find metalheads outside of shows?


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  • It's hard to find, I am metalhead and I can't talk about music because I can't find people who likes this kind on music

    • Where band t shirts out in public. Random strangers will approach you and talk to you about music. People do this to me and I have done this to other people. I have never gotten a girl to approach me tho

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    • I live to far to where metal shows are

    • That's why you find it hard to meet metalheads. I have no trouble meeting metalheads because I live in a large urban area. I do have trouble meeting single metal chick's tho. Oh and that's another reason I want a metal girl. They jave stable relations. All of the metal girls I know have been dating the same guy for years now.

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  • Being a rivethead, I used to have a hell of a time finding girls to date who were in the tribe. So, I did the next best thing: find a punk girl and turn her.

    • With the advent of metalcore, the punk and metal head subcultures have more or less merged

    • Oh no, son. You see, hardcore punk is just a name for metal kids who tried punk and didn't like it. It's never been about punk. But you're right, the line between some of these genres is a little blurry.

      In recent years, I've stopped differentiating between different groups of people who are into slightly different kinds of non-mainstream music. Now I just call these folks "dark culture".

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  • ( that's easy you should be a welder ) on a serious note all girls are hot , look for the ugliest girls you know give her a make over , then you will know that all girls are hot , forget metal head you may end up with a incurable std or an addiction

  • Attract them with a magnet.


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