Just for fun what do you think this gift means?

Saw a guy and paid him a ticket to go see a movie. I refused to let him pay his ticket.
Yesterday he texted me saying he had a gift for me to repay me for the movie.
He offered me a bottle of makeup remover and cream.

I don't know how to analyze this gift?

Note that he seems to be rocking back and forth between friendship or something else with me. I hoped his gift would enlighten me but I can't seem to decide if it is more of a friendly gift or?


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  • That is pretty odd. Do you cake makeup on your face by any chance?

    • Nope..
      Like mascara and that is all and very light!
      No cover up or lipstick or anything...

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    • Haha- but at the same time it’s a little cute if he did mean to go that route. Like instead of getting you a lipstick or something he was all ‘she’s so pretty she doesn’t even need makeup’.

    • Haha awwww yes that would be really cute!

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  • He loves you and may want to get married to you ( don't forget am not a mind reader ) the back and forth is his him trying to trust you full and commit


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