He kissed my palm while I was asleep... and he’s never initiated contact before, is he starting to feel more?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for two months, but we’ve known each other for four. He has a daughter who he has full custody of, and so he tries to spend time with me when he can.

We recently had our first misunderstanding, which he has made up for now, multiple times, and I really appreciate it because no man has ever put that much effort into a relationship with me. It was reassuring considering how many times I have been abandoned, but of course I’m still a little insecure because he hasn’t been vocal about his feelings so I have no idea what he even likes or doesn’t like... or if he loves me or thinks he could ever love me.

He came over a few nights ago and we ended up falling asleep on my couch. When he woke up, I woke up, but I was so comfortable and he didn’t seem in a rush to move, so I just stayed put. I was falling asleep again when he kissed the palm of my hand and then my forehead. I decided he probably needed to leave since it was late and he had a babysitter for the night. We didn’t discuss that he kissed me like that, or anything else for that matter, but when I walked him to the door he grabbed me and stared into my eyes for a really long time... he’s never done that before, and then he kissed me, but not in a demanding way. If I’m honest, he’s never really initiated any physical contact passed hugging, cuddling, or hand holding, so all of this seemed out of character, but definitely welcome.

I guess the question is, based on all of this information, is my boyfriend finally getting comfortable and maybe falling in love with me, or am I just looking too far into this?


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  • So, there's no doubt that what happened there is definitely a positive thing, but you two have had very little physical contact for two people that have supposedly been a couple for two months. Because of that, I don't think that you should get too excited or look too much into things because I would say that a typical couple would have been far more intertwined at this point. Still, things are going in the right direction and they're definitely looking up. Just enjoy yourself and see where things lead as it looks like you guys have a chance to have something special.


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