Why did this girl I used to know look nervous to see me?

This girl and I use to like eachother a couple months ago. We haven’t seen eachother or talked since. I saw her yesterday and when we made eye contact she looked nervous for a second and then looked away when I walked past her. Why did she do this?


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  • Probably doesn't want things to get awkward. Most likely doesn't feel the same way as she used to

    • I thought the same thing, except she would do this exact thing when we knew eachother. (See me walking towards her and look down and ignore me).

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    • yeah I think you should just let it go and move on. she's just not for you, like I said her ignoring and avoiding eye contact is probably another way of her telling you its 'over' you'll find the right one for you. Dont waste time on knowing what her actions mean. Good luck!

    • Ok thanks for the help! by the way she is just shy and that’s what shy people do anyway

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