What makes a boy invite u to a journey while he is not intrested in u?

I exprienced a one sided love 3 months ego... while i was very in love with hime he showe no intrest to this relationship and he brought such anexcuse that he used to do his job and dont have any free time to have any romantic relstionship with any girl... after that we decided to become normal friemds and we continued our relationship by text messsge once or twice a week but without any appointment to see eachother. today i recieved a ext message from him... he have had written that he wants to go to a trip with me to another country but i couldnt understand his intention because i think he is not serius about our relathioship and doesn't care enough to me so why he asked me to go for a trip with him?


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  • Maybe you misread the whole thing. I told a girl this year too that I wasn't interested and she believed.
    Then I asked her to a trip and she said yes and didn't go, I was broken hearted.
    Women are too verbal...


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