What to do when he is being flakey?

2 weeks ago I noticed that the guy I like is going to the same party as me, so I asked him we should go together he said interesting and said sure , I told him I will checked with him before hand. Today I asked him of we still on? He mentioned the Place and I told him yup but he hasn't replied yet and the party is on Saturday in 2 days. What should I tell him? Should I set a date and place to meet and ask him if it's good or will that sound pushy?


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  • You still have two whole days. Give him some time. Can also straight forward ask "Wanna meet up at ___ so we can go together?" if he says yes, set a time.
    Don't wait for him to ask, sometimes it takes a little push. 😉

    • It's now Friday 12:48 am , should I text him now to set time? I'm just scared that my wifi won't work at night.

    • But 12 am is midnight 😹 don't text him at midnight. Can text him at early noon tomorrow, at a more decent hour. Don't rush it. You still have some time.

    • Okay thank you :)

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