I joined dating apps because I thought it was easier to met guys, but its almsot impossible to get a date?

In an attempt on meeting someone decent for a date i have joined dating apps. I have had these apps on and off for a good 3 years now, and the results hasn't been a lot to brag about. Im not trying to take it too seriosuly, but i joined those apps in hope of increasing the amout of people i meet to get more experience with dating etc, but so far it has sucked quite a lot. I was really hoping to meet a lot of guys

As a girl you get told all the time its easy to get a date, the only reason i haven't gotten a date or a boyfriend is because im too picky, which isn't true at all. Wanting a cute guy who takes care of himself and has a job/studies, isn't having too high standars.

within 3 years i have been on maybe 5 dates with guys i met on dating apps. I rarely meet guys in real life that interest me, and thats usually the biggest reason i even sign up for those apps. I want to date a lot (as in going on dates), but its pretty much impossible, in my experience. Anyone advice on what im doing "wrong"/ how to meet more guys?

by the way im pretty decent looking, i workout and take care of my looks and im a student. Could've had better pics though


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  • I didn't have much luck with dating apps ether sure found some girls but not ones that i thought were right for me guess one bad egg at a time till the golden one comes haha

    • well with guys its aslo somewhat expected unless the guys is really attarctive. Im might not be really hot in e general basis, but im still female and it shouldn't be that hard to get more than one date a year lol

    • I am quite attractive actually but thats not the point im getting at dating apps now days are really for hookups now for a relationship its the rare kinds that shine though but thats few and fare between. maybe its something else in which the guys seem to be after are attracted to

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  • Maybe you live in a shitty area? Maybe your profile is shit?

    If you're looking for casual dating then your pics are most important. Make sure they're flattering.

    Do not use snapchat filters or ducklip poses.

    Write something fun in your profile, not just a list of your likes. Everyone likes the same crap. It's booooring.

    Don't be afraid to text first and be a little cheeky, and lock that first date down. Just tell the guy you're keen for a drink on Friday night.

    Don't just say "hi, how are you?"

    Eg. I never say the same opener twice, but I met my current boyfriend on Tinder and I messaged him first. I sent him a really dumb gif and just wrote " I'm going to message you first, because I'm a daredevil" and he laughed and we hit it straight off.

    • Thanks for the advice! I'll try to better my profile and get some better pics

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  • In all honesty guys like it when girls ask us out, cut a the bs of having to just through hoops to see if they even like you, try going out or download an app called meet up, it's all about people meeting up for drinks or going to the beach, or for guys pick up games stupid stuff like that will help you land someone eventually, I know because that's how I got to my back then girlfriend now wife, she came to a random pick up game and I was the idiot that kicked the ball so hard it hit her on the shoulder, my pick up like was my bad, I'll like to make it up, can I buy you icecream? And we hit it off right after that


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  • I was in the same situation but lately I've been having success by actually doing the first steps and being more agressive.
    I let them chase in the beginning but after a while I ask them out myself.
    Most guys like it and really it cuts through the bullcrap!

    • Well i rarely actually get to the point where we even start talking lol when i match with guys 99,9% dont message me. The feeling guys i have messaged myself dont actually reply

    • To be honest as a guy even the girls you dont want won't message you haha.

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