Asking a girl out after finals?

I think we both had feelings for each other the entire semester but I never had the guts to ask her out earlier. I thought about asking this girl out during finals week, but i felt like that would be a bad idea. Do you think it's too late to ask a girl out once finals are over? We live kinda close to each other back home so having dates after won't be a problem.


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  • Do it! You won't have school in the way and it would be a nice start to your break


What Guys Said 1

  • Do you even talk to her?

    • once in a while lol. we're both pretty shy

    • Ask her out when you two are comfortable around each other. But not to the point where you can tell each other everything but you can look each other in the eyes and make a conversation without fussing up. You can do it but do it when she's alone and away from the crowd. Don't scare her. Otherwise she'll say no in fear.

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