Is it okay to date your ex friends ex boyfriend?

Okay At the time I had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend (which was my good friend but she ended up getting really mad at me earlier this year over he say she say drama). So us four and a couple others were all a group of friends until my boyfriend and I ended up moving to another city. I’ll admit, the guy was attractive but I knew that he was off limits based on the fact that we were both in relationships. Sometimes we would conversate (only in the group), and other times he would give me compliments that I was cute and throw me subtle hints and clues that he liked me but I just always brushed them off and never paid him any mind because I loved my boyfriend. But now we’re all single, my boyfriend and I are over, an i’m moving back to that city that we all met soon. and I’m wondering if it’ll be a good idea for us to take our friendship to the next level? Would this be considered shady? I’ve had ex friends that have liked my ex’s before, so am I overthinking or is this just plain off limits?


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  • I think it should not matter because people don't own each other. I think it is a dumb rule for people to be limited just because one of their buddies dated or was in a relationship with someone beforehand.

  • If he was boyfriend to an exfriend, fair game. Who cares what she thinks anyways.


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