So, is he just being friendly?

So, I went out this week and I saw my ex boyfriend there.
We are over for like 3 years (?) now, and we had a bad breakup.
I guess you could say that we were addicted to each other, and it took a long time to let each other go. He never had a girlfriend before after me, and he said he didn't want to have a girlfriend anymore.

So I went out and he started talking to me, he was apologizing for his behaviour in the past and we talked about our breakup and relationship. Unfortunately I was very drunk, so I can't remember what was really said. I do know we talked it out, he said he was sorry and he hugged me and we had fun.
After that my friends left so I decided to stay with my ex (he liked that). Then he bought me a drink (shots) and after that I went to the toilet. I couldnt find him afterwards so I hang with other people.
After a while he came to me and said he was going home, and he wanted to bring me home so I went with him.

He said he would wait outside, but I was so drunk I just walked to my bike and went home by myself.. so he started texting me and calling me. Like A LOT, he wanted to bring me home so bad, wanted to know where I was, wanted to catch up etc. I still went home though, but he kept messasing me, and begged me to take the call, so we talked for ten minutes about nothing (also can't remember).

Next day, nothing. He answers when I text him but he doesn't start convo or anything.

I know I probably think too much of it, but after all those years I haven't stopped thinking about him, and since our past of not being able to let go of each other and him not dating afterwards.. maybe he still thinks about me too? or was he really just trying to be nice and wanting to apologize for his mistakes 3 years later? (a month ago me and my recent ex broke up, and he knows this) We live in the same city and still saw each other once in a while with going out, so its not that he haven't seen me sinds the breakup a few years back..


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  • Well he was drunk too right? He may of wanted to smash you in his house. And then he sober ups, starts thinkin normally. Tho of he didint have a girlfriend after he may really be looking forward to have one. And since he dated you before he still has connection and is used to be in relationship with you.


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