Can you please help me process this?

So I decided to tell my crush my intentions. Just to get to know her before she leaves for 5 weeks.

She said she is flattered and felt honored with the way I approached it. She told me that she is really indecisive and slow to process these kinds of things. But she said she is open to getting to know me. We talked for like 10 more minutes about life and laughed a lot so it was a good convo.

She's gone for 5 weeks now. I am uncertain what communication looks like now. Should i wait for her to reach out? Or when should i try texting her again? How should I approach break?


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  • I think you should texting her but don’t go overboard or anything. Maybe just a casual text in a few days or something. Depending on how she responds you would know if you should continue reaching out to her.


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