Why is my ex talking to me randomly?

Its been a little over a month and my ex who broke up with me because "i lost feelings" is talking to me slowly again. Before he would just stare but ever since last week he's been saying little things, not really conversation. For example, today he said one thing to me out of the blue telling me to come near him and said " do you have any lotion?" smiling and im like no and he's like ahh man. Yesterday he showed me his hair, and i dont know if he's being nice or he's trying to get back with me. Literally two weeks after our breakup he went to some other girl and talked to her but they didn't last. I still like him very much but i dont know how to react to this.


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  • It may be a "grass isn't greener" scenario. I have tried talking to past exes in hopes of rekindling sexual tension but not anything serious.


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  • I think you should just ignore him to the best of your ability...

  • he's just trynna fuck.


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