We have been fighting so much, I don’t feel the same?

My boyfriend and i have been fighting a lot - a lot of it has to do with my insecurities, but, also his actions too (which create my insecurities. He does things on social media that make me feel jealous/insecure (i. e., likes photos of girls he doesn’t follow, adds/follows random girls on Snapchat/insta/Twitter, etc.). Anyways, we got into a huge fight on Sunday, and then took time away from each other until today. We got into another heated argument today, but, eventually made the decision to work on truly fixing the relationship. However, what makes it harder is the fact i am an hour away at College. Sometimes i don’t see him for almost 2 weeks, when i get really caught up in school/friends. I still love him, and i want to be with him. But, the constant fighting (and the last one), has made me always want to be away from him. Maybe when i see him it will be different?

I am 20 and he is 25 by the way.


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  • Im not sure but in my experience arguements are common in a relationship it shows how much you want each other. But when the arguements happen very often it usually (around 65-70%) means one side or both the sides dont value each other any more


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  • Hello.
    I was in the same situation and my ex broke up with me. The insecurities had no real root and were caused by my own imagination, paranoia and wrong advice from wrong people.
    Take a piece of paper and write down all the pros and cons of your relationship. Be super honest with yourself while you are doing this. See if the pros are more than the cons.
    Sit him down, stay extremely calm, explain things but never ever try to justify or point fingers. If he agreed to fix things it means he cares about you.

    • Yes, i can tell he really cares for me and wants to be with me. Things are just bad, they feel weird right now. We have gotten in bad fights over insecurities before. But, right now... i feel numb :(
      I asked him what he needed from me, he said “not to argue everyday about social media/jealousy with the person i care the most about in this world”.

      I love him, but I’m scared there’s too much resentment. But, i appreciate your advice. I will try that!

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    • Oh no. Of course not. I know we are on the verge of losing each other. But, i will takenyour advice and story into consideration and do my best. It is hard because i am an hour away at College and don’t see him as much anymore

      I also hope the best for you and hope it works out :)

    • Thank you. Take care of yourself.

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