What is it with women?

They claim they want a good man, that's not scared of commitment. Yet, they get one and either treat them like garbage, or just up and leave. I don't get it. Can a woman please explain this to me?


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  • it just depends on the person- varies.

    • Care to elaborate?

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    • I respect your opinion. Also yes this is from a bad experience. Yet, if a woman complains about how she has been treated in the past and you go to show her what a great man you are by treating her the way she wants to be treated, then she turns around and does the very same thing that her ex did to her?

      How is that right? I mean why would you want to treat someone badly if they are good to you?

    • It's not right. What people do in relationships isn't always reasonable.

What Guys Said 2

  • That's women nature... You're starting to catch on. Good for you. 👍 👍 👍

  • It’s because women need to be dominated. The good man often doesn’t know how to do that, and, apparently as the logic follows in my head, it is more important that a man be... a man, than to be a “good man.”


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