I want a relationship but I feel like I'm not 'relationship material'?

I'm 18, I have never had a serious boyfriend (except online)... I've always wanted to date someone and be in a committed relationship. I would absolutely never cheat on anybody, would never lie to someone I was dating either. I've had crushes on guys and stuff and have told them but they never like me back.

The thing is, I want a relationship, but I feel like I'm not good enough. I'm overweight; not obese but more than chubby, I have a little bit of acne, I have depression (although I hide it from everybody), and I have anxiety. I feel like I won't be good for a guy, and maybe that's the reason no guys ever liked me back in high school.

How come no guys like me? I've been on a blind date before and I did my hair and makeup for almost three hours and picked out a nice outfit and everything, but he still didn't like me. :/ I'm beginning to lose hope that I'll ever date anybody! All my friends have boyfriends and its not that I want to be like them, it's just that I want to know how it feels to be in love with somebody. My mom talks about her boyfriend and stuff and says 'I truly hope that one day you can feel how I feel with this guy, I hope someday you can be in love with the love of your life'. WELL maybe it'll never happen LOL.
I want a relationship but I feel like I'm not 'relationship material'?
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