I mess up really badly and I don't know how to fix it please help?

So I'm a complete idiot and court feelings for a co worker of mine were both very young and were only starting out in are careers. I was sure he liked me as he would always be kind and helpful towards me, he offer to buy me lunch and offer is sweater when I got cold, he made me think he liked me back and we were practically Inseparable with each other.

The other day he was out on a job so it was just me and another co worker who is a mutual friend of ours the topic came up in conversation about how everyone thought I like him and I asked if he liked me, our friend said "no I don't think so ill text in the group chat to find out" I told him not to but he still did but told him I didn't have a crush on him, he replied "the feelings mutual" now I know when I see him to day it's going to be super awkward and he's probably thinks I'm a bitch or a weirdo for talking about him behind his back and he might even have liked me back but lied too and I could of hurt his feelings and now he thinks I don't like him back. I don't know what to do?


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  • Ooookay, tricky 😂 My recommendation: message him about it in person, and talk about what was said. Blame your friends for putting it in your head or something, say someone told you he might like you, and see if he still says no when it's a private chat. Or to make sure he's not lying you could admit you think he's a great guy and always kind to you and stuff. Reveal as much as you dare. The more you open up and get the truth out the more confidence he'll have if he does actually like you. You can always say you freaked out in the group chat and lied Because you were just unsure, it's the truth and completely understandable


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  • Still be nice!
    If you're friendly, things still may turn out how you want them to.
    If he likes you, and you're nice and give him chances, he'll probably say something.

  • Tell him you don't know why your friend said those things, that it wasn't true, and tell him your true feelings, he likes you.


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