What is the problem?

As you can see i dont look below average (*im the middle one*) , have no problems with nearly anything most kids do like i do 300 pushups and sit ups a day so pretty good body , i love reading books and currently at the top in class , no problem with sense of humor. Then why have i not ever been on a date before?What is the problem??


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What Girls Said 2

  • Cause you haven't asked a girl out?

    • I did once andnshe said no. After that i never asked anyone out cos it feels insulting.

    • Ah I see, well that's kinda on you then. Not every girls gonna say no right?

    • Yeaa i hope so. Thanks!

  • Let me tell you a story. I was dating an old boyfriend, and he loved to go down on me, although he wasn't very good at all. So everyday he would lay there between my cooch and play with my hairs with his teeth and chomp away, i would lay there for 30-45 min just dreading the whole thing. For over 4 months i put up with it, until i finally said something and the horror stopped.


What Guys Said 1

  • Your friend are like stabbers at the age.

    • So u want to say my friends are keeping girls away?

    • Dont know but... maybe that is destiny. You are close friends therefore have the same taste.
      Then always fall in love with the same girl, then they have to do so.

    • I don't know maybe they are doing a good job i just wanted to know if there is a problem with me. I guess there isn't so thanks!

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