Do you consider women who want to be spoiled and taken care of as bad-quality women?

Assuming she has more to offer than just good looks such as brains, a good job, a good personality.


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  • If you mean spoiled with affection, and taken care off by cooking for them and stuff then no, because that's what I want as well. But if you mean financially spoiled/taken care then yes, they're pretty bad quality.

    • However if you LIKE being spoilt financially, but don't EXPECT it, then that's alright as well.

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    • And if you had a good job, you wouldn't need spoiling financially? You could just buy yourself what you wanted

    • I have the desire to be spoiled because it shows that a guy really does care about me. Some guys love their money more than they love their girlfriends. I don’t want a guy like that.

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  • If it's not to the point where I feel like I am buying her love no but it's that thin line where it can early look bad

    • Everyone wants to be spoiled in different ways. I can spoil my man by cooking for him, doing his laundry, giving him massages, etc...
      However, I want my man to spoil me by buying me gifts, taking me on vacations, nice restaurants, etc...

    • Fair enough for me it depends on how you want about ie if you didn't get it would you act spoiled and petulant about it or understand why he couldn't plus that puts pressure on the guy needing to earn the money for said gifts which could mean staying in a job you don't like and become miserable to uphold the gifts

  • What other qualities does she have?

  • Yes.
    It shows materialism and entitlement, two bad traits which indicate poor self-development.

    • Most girls are materialistic. Some are just too embarrassed to admit that they’d choose a guy who has more resources and makes her feel special over one who doesn’t.

    • That’s fine. Those girls will experience the negative effects of materialism.

  • Yes. Instant turn off.

    I’ve seen it on dating site e. g tinder, all the time. Something along the lines of “I’m a princess, like to be spoiled ;)” or even “take me somewhere nice”. Anything remotely like that is just a firm no. It’s like, learn some humility or generosity or something instead of —not just being a wanker, but seemingly being proud of it.

    • Most girls want to be spoiled. The ones who claim not to be are just to embarrassed to admit it or have such a low self esteem that they are willing to settle for a guy who doesn’t make her feel special. But any girl would choose a guy who spoils her over one who doesn’t.

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    • Those “sincere” women only exist in movies and romance novels. Money is extremely important to most women and any woman would leave a guy who is too cheap to spend money on her.

    • *to not

  • Yes. We'd all like that, guys too! What makes you different/special?

    • You’re a guy though. Guys are supposed to provide and the woman is supposed to take care of household duties.

    • Maybe in 1920!

    • Guys still do though lol

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