Is it okay for me to tell him I don’t wanna go there?

I’ve been seeing this guy and one of the times we hung out, we went to this tea place and it was chill. I don’t really like tea but I like the dried fruit they had lol. But anyways, I was looking at his previous Instagram seeing all the funny pictures of him, and some pictures of him and his ex girlfriend were at the tea house captioned “our favorite place” and whatever else lovey dovey stuff he said. I just feel uncomfortable now about going there but I know he would probably take me there again since he loves tea and loves that place.
  • Yes, it’s okay to tell him you don’t want to.
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  • No, it’s not okay to tell him you don’t want to.
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  • Let me tell you a story. I was dating an old boyfriend, and he loved to go down on me, although he wasn't very good at all. So everyday he would lay there between my cooch and play with my hairs with his teeth and chomp away, i would lay there for 30-45 min just dreading the whole thing. For over 4 months i put up with it, until i finally said something and the horror stopped. So yeah go ahead and tell him and stop the suffering asap.


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  • I think you should think about his feelings. He clearly likes the place and imagine if you really liked a place but he never wanted to go? Relationships are all about compromise.

  • It's ok to tell it.


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