My girlfriend doesn't want a long term relationship anymore should I end this or continue and hoping for the best?

so i've been with this girl for two months now in a long distance relationship i met her in a facebook group and since then we've been talking and getting closer to each other , until the day that i confessed my feelings towards her to my surprise she had the same feelings towards me , i told her from the beginning that i'm looking for a serious relationship she told me that she wanted the same.
everything was fine and lovely we used to chat the whole day with each other , she even said to me that she's so glad to meet me and that i'm the best thing that ever happened in her life and that she loves me so much at first i didn't believe because we've only been for like 2 weeks and in the back of my head i was telling myself not to fall in love again so quickly because i might regret it someday. but her feelings towards me were getting me closer to her. (the reason why we haven't met yet is that she has a very religious parents she still lives with them and they're not allowing her to go outside for a long period or without a reason and now i'm waiting until she finds the right chance to meet) everything was cool until a month ago she suddenly changed it's like another person or something she became distant and she took a long time to reply my text messages, a few days later she came apologizing to me and telling me that she had some troubles so i believed her. now she said that she doesn't want a long term relationship because she doesn't want to be with one man she tells me that we're still with each other but she can't promise me about what will happen later which means that she could breakup with me at anytime whenever she wan'ts to i confessed my love to her she told that that's not true love and that it can't exist and that i should be responsible if someday she decided to leave me , i really don't know what to do i had to accept her terms but still i'm sad and depressed because i truly love her.. should i just end it before it's too late?


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  • Break up with her... You never even met her and if she's not interested anymore, what's the point of it

  • Yes u should


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