Why does she still try and talk to me?

We use to talk, she lead me on for a date she said yes too, never responded to set it up. Spoke about it, didn't make any type of effort or seem like she wanted to go out. So i just dropped her it's been about 7 month's but during this time she always tries talking to me, saying hi all the time and always staring and coming wherever i am to get my attention. Even other girl's tell me she was staring at me real hard and they say she wants me, but i just always shake it off and avoid her and she still says Hi? Or will try to start a convo As if nothing ever happen.


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  • I think she regret for not going on a date and she is also jealous of something maybe she feels like you are a nice guy so before you date any other girl she wants you again that's why she tries to get your attention by saying hi and staring so you fall in love with her.
    My advice on this is that if you think she genuinely wants to start a convo then maybe you should give it a try but if you feel like she is faking it and look desperate then avoid her.


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