What’s the difference?

When I was wth my ex she would post glamour selfies every week almost. She’s with a new guy and she hardly ever post any selfies. She hasn’t in months. I want to know what’s the difference? Why would she post so many hot pics when she was with me and now she barely post pics of herself? Is she more insecure with this guy or more secure? I just want to know what’s the difference.


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  • Could be that she was looking for outside verification before, and now she doesn't need it. I find that women who take a lot of glamour selfies are generally kind of trashy, so I don't know why you'd care.

  • She is happy with the new guy and dousnt feel the need to put herself out there. Or she did it a few times when she was with this guy and rightfully put a. stop to it.


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