Guys - Was It My Fault?

I've been a little lost recently, so I thought it would maybe be a good idea to get some outside opinions from other males.
I'm a girl quite obviously and have never had 'It' before. I had a past relationship that ended up in him trying to please me down there, but I refused to the point where he just snapped and bit me. I have a lot of insecurities about that cause it left a quite visible and sensible mark and it makes me afraid of meeting other men nowadays. I obviously tried my very best to not let it get in the way of meeting new people.. I found someone that I finally felt comfortable with and after 7 months of talking/meeting (we're not together or anything cause I just take a lot of time) - I told him about what happened. To put things short, he doesn't talk to me anymore really. Was it all my fault then? Should I had let it all get over with or was it the right thing to refuse? Cause I feel like, it is my fauly I end up alone now.

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Guys - Was It My Fault?
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