Ex is texting me, I think we are meeting up, what do you think her intentions are?

My ex dumped me out of the blue almost two months ago (both in our mid 20's, dated nearly 3 years). I (like a fool) tried to win her back for a few weeks before I grew tired of her being hot/cold & callous. At this point I told her that being friends wasn't an option for me (she kept saying can't you just be friends with me?) & that if it ever felt right to revisit things that she knew where to find me.

Two weeks of ZERO contact followed. Her neighborhood flooded recently I sent a quick text saying I hoped everything was ok. She said it was thanks for asking, I cut it very short & went another week with zero contact. Then she texted me as follows (starting at 7am, ending at about 2pm)

Her: Do you remember the brand of that drink?
Me: I sent her the brand.
Her: Have you heard about the girl that got promoted? (simplified for privacy, this was something she was working on while we were dating.)
Me: Nope. big or big big (again simplified for privacy)
Her: big big
Me: That's awesome! I owe you a beer sometime to celebrate.
Her: Tonight?
Me: Are you around?
Her: Yes
Me: I should be free later if you want to meet up give me a call
Her: Actually let's do Tuesday night. I'm running on fumes. I don't want to rush our hang out time like last time & I want to have more than one beer. I'm putting it in my calendar. With pen.
Me: Alright I'll see you then

I'm trying to get some insight into what her intentions might be? I'm concerned she may be just looking for an ego stroke like "oh yea I can still get a date with him". Or maybe she is missing me & seeing how things go? This is the most playful she has been in contacts since the breakup. Maybe she's just looking for a hookup? As this conversation was happening I was kind of surprised as I had kind of let go. I even went on a casual date or two.
Ex is texting me, I think we are meeting up, what do you think her intentions are?
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