What would you do if you got ignored after having intimacy with your ex-boyfriend?

So me and my ex boyfriend of 6 years relationship been having problems, him going out with his friends to the club without telling me is what ended our relationship. To make things short, i ended up going to the clubs also every time I go he will be there as soon as he sees me he always txts me calling me names that " im a h*e for going to the club " which i find it annoying cause we are NOT together. Suddenly one of those nights at the club that i saw him, he txted me telling me he missed me that i was killing him etc... so i gave in because i missed him too. The next day we met and talked things out then suddenly BOOM... we had like " makeup sex" after that we were fine, yet he still accused me of sleeping around just cause he saw me at the club he thinks i went to hook up with guys which I AM NOT LIKE THAT. He's just so jealous and over thinks things a lot...
The next day he txted me and we were txting during the day , then he stopped replying, so i called him after work at 9pm and no answer from him at all, so like any girl does I started going crazy i txted him all this mean names because i was hurt he will never do this. The next morning he txted me saying " he was so tired he was asleep" then i told him " to be straight up " after that he did not reply to me at all. Its been 3 days already. Yet i found out he's still going out with his friends to the clubs.
I honestly do not know what to do I've been so depressed lately because he was never that type of guy, he's friends have a lot to do with this for telling him not to get back with me even his dad because i go to the clubs, which is unfair cause he does the same yet they see it bad on me. what do you think about this?
What would you do if you got ignored after having intimacy with your ex-boyfriend?
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